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Fishing offer from May 1st to October 27th
In the immediate vicinity of our resort, there is the picturesque coastal Lake Kopań. Rich in fish, it serves as a breeding ground and sanctuary for numerous bird species. The low fishing pressure offers a chance for really good catches. Access to the water is very limited, so fishing from the shore is impossible.
Lake Kopań is a large reservoir with an area of almost 900ha. Like most coastal lakes, Kopań is quite shallow (the average depth is less than 2 m and the maximum is 4 m), separated from the Baltic Sea by a narrow strip of land. Anglers can catch pike, eel, perch, tench, and zander here, of which there is a particularly large amount.
The lake is managed by the Mielno Fisheries Farm, and the required fishing permit can be purchased at the fishing shop in Darłowo.
Our resort has two new Wile405 type fishing boats equipped with two lockers, one aft that can accommodate a fuel tank or battery, and a smaller bow locker. The boats, measuring 405 cm in length and 150 cm in width, are perfect for moving freely and safely on the water and provide comfort during long fishing trips.
We do not have engines for the boats.
Do you want to experience unforgettable moments with a fishing rod over the wild waters in Poland?
We invite you.
You may find that the sea is not just waffles, beach, and crowds of people.